Welcome to Splinters Woodworks

I have always been interested in working with wood. As a carpenter I built many homes here in Mohawk Valley now I have taken that interest into fine woodworking, creating fine furniture and woodturning.

Woodturning is my favorite (medium). With the lathe I can create what I refer to as functional art. This can be common bowls, platters, pepper and salt grinders, and lidded boxes, to captive-ring baby rattles, walking sticks and much more.

Working with Raw Wood is my Preference

Although I do use some wood obtained from commercial sources I prefer using raw wood that has not been kiln dried. Raw wood grain colors are much more varied and spectacular. For example raw Black Walnut will have dark chocolate, black, green, red and golden blonde colors in the grain. Black Walnut is a beautiful wood, however, after Black Walnut has been commercially dried it loses most of the color.

Most of the wood used for my turnings comes from local or semi-local trees that have been cut for one reason or another. Friends and acquaintances from all over call me to let me know about a tree that they have taken down or they know has been or will be taken down. Some wood just appears in my driveway. Some I get while traveling around Northern California by knocking on doors and asking if I can look through a woodpile, this drives my family crazy.

The Woodworking Process I Go Through

The wood is usually green or unseasoned. I will rough cut it with a chain saw then with a band saw, then seal it and then off to the drying shed to season for several months and in some cases years. If the wood is destined to be a bowl many times I will turn it green to a rough shape, seal it then to the drying shed until it stabilizes, which can, again, take several months, then finish turned. All in all some projects can take quite a bit of time from first receiving the wood to the finished product. In addition to my turnings I create furniture items such as various types of tables.

Although I have sold several items through local stores and to friends and referrals, so far I have not become a professional at this art. Most all of my work has stayed at home or is given to family and friends and gifts. I would like to take my woodworking and woodturning to more of a professional level. However, at this time, I do not carry an inventory of my work. It is my hope that people will like what they see and contact me for one of a kind commissioned projects

My Turned Walking Sticks

I am going to be actively selling my turned walking stick. These can be custom made to the new owners specification such as length and wood type. These will start at $125.00 and go up from there. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the American Neuropathy Association.

Click through to my gallery to view some of the pieces I have done through the years. I hope you like them. If you are interested in something you have seen or have a particular piece in mind please feel free to contact me at 530.836.0112 or click here to send me an email.

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